Catering Additional Services by The Blue Window Bistro

  • Blue Window Bistro :: Los Alamos Catering
  • Blue Window Bistro :: Los Alamos Catering

Misc. Charges

  • Dish Rental (China) $3.50/person
  • Disposable Fee $1.50/person
  • Beverage Service $1.25/person

Scenario 1: You pick it up (limits catering offerings, inquire for details)

Everything will be provided to you in disposable trays or boxes. Should you need the use of chaffers, air-pots, etc., there will be a deposit required. This deposit is equal to the amount that it would take to replace that item, should you not return it, or return it damaged. Should that item not be returned, entire deposit for that item will be forfeited. Should that item be returned damaged, BWB reserves the right to hold all or part of deposit.

Scenario 2: We deliver all food in disposable containers

Delivery will be billed as follows: $20 + $1.00/mile. Everything will be delivered to you in disposable trays or boxes

Scenario 3: We deliver and set up(anywhere in Los Alamos or White Rock)

All food will be delivered on China or something comparable. We will set-up all food and beverage on client provided tables. We will provide table cloths, risers and décor.

  • 0-20 people = $75
  • 20-50 people = $130
  • 50-100 people = $200

Staff will assess condition of linens etc. upon return. Client will be billed for any damaged or missing equipment


  • Chef: $40/hour
  • Stocker: $20/hour
  • Server: $25/hour
  • Captain: $30/hour

Blue Window Bistro Hours


  • 11:00am – 2:30pm M-Fri


  • 5pm – 8:30pm M-Th
  • 5pm - 9pm Fri-Sat

Vendor visits by appointment only, and donation requests must be submitted on letterhead.